Kenn Brodhagen

Software Engineer


Nov 2012 to Present

Senior Mobile & Web Developer, Team Architect Amplify

Jan 2007 to Nov 2012  Develop front-end web application for K-12 Education in AngularJS.  Assist product owner with Agile story creation and breakdown.  Coordinate cross-team development work.  Interview and recommend software engineer and architect candidates.

  • Created Web UI Components in AngularJS directives to encapsulate responsibility and enhance reusability.
  • Integrated curriculum web app with PubNub messaging to deliver real-time updates to users. 
  • Led the selection of automated testing frameworks for both web and iOS applications. Technologies include Jasmine, Karma, Cucumber, Calabash, KIF, and gh-unit.
  • Created iOS UI components for the iPad.
  • Coordinated development work with product mangers and 4 other development teams in 3 locations.
  • Delivered lunch & learn presentations to fellow engineers on testing frameworks, cross platform support of HTML5 features, and web application performance.
  • Created screencasts on Cucumber testing framework used by 50+ engineers to help increase effective of automated testing.

Development Manager, Product Engineering, Verint Systems  Supervise and direct the work of C++, C#, and Java software engineers.  Manage multiple concurrent projects delivered by my team and other teams.  Hire and retain top engineering talent.  Support customers including working with all levels from end-users to executive stakeholders. 

  • Manage execution of next release, maintenance of existing release, and bespoke customer feature work concurrently.  Assign and coordinate work of software engineering team. 
  • Served as Chief Architect for integrating our recording product with an OEM partner. 
  • Produced end-user facing documentation for performance, capabilities, and configuration targeting end-users, IT deployment staff, internal deployment staff, and internal and partner pre-sales staff. 
  • Created Site Acceptance Test for IP and TDM Recorders. 
  • Integrated Recording system with ACME Packet SBC (Session Director Net/Net 3800).  Added recording of RFC 2003 IP Encapsulation based protocol.  Configured SBC for high availability recording and load-balancing. 
  • Integrated Recording system onto Cisco SRE-V blade module running VMWare.  Performed performance test and produced end-user facing documentation describing the capabilities and configuration process. 
  • Added H264 Video Recording functionality to existing IP Recorder product. 
  • Updated Blackberry MVS Integration by changing Java CTI integration code. 
  • Supported rollout of 1.2 million dollar software and services deal with 200 T1s of recording. 
  • Hired 3 software engineers and managed them through the on-boarding process. 
  • Delivered over 50 learning clips via my team for new software version, more than twice of any other team. 
  • Delivered 2-year project on time with required scope of over 250 features by coordinating my team with over 20 other teams and 100 developers and testers across 4 global regions. 
  • Managed the execution of approximately 1300 ideal days of effort delivering over 250 features. 
  • Automated a continuous build system, reducing frequency of broken builds using Cruise Control .NET. 
  • Coached a challenged staff member who improved his performance and received a higher bonus and was promoted in subsequent years. 
  • Integrated existing recording product with Blackberry MVS software to record mobile phone calls. 
  • Developed and promoted Senior Software Engineer to Team Lead over the course of 1 year.   
  • Improved visibility of project and reduced time spent updating 50% by adapting bug-tracking tool to track feature progress. 
  • Delivered over 10 iterations with planned content in V11 project by leading team. 
  • Delivered 15 features in 7.8 project over 3.5 months  
  • Created and rolled out  C++ Coding standards to team. 
  • Prepared and passed ISO 9001 Audit of development practices and implemented changes based on auditors suggestions. 
  • Planned performance testing of secure delete feature that determined impact of feature on recorder’s channel count. 
  • Resolved performance issues with Audio Codes voice cards in Windows 2008 Server by coordinating efforts of Audio Codes and Verint Engineers. 
  • Resolved recording issues on site at major wireless provider by working with and coordinating the efforts of Verint and Audio Codes Engineers. 
  • Delivered over 20 in-person and webinar based trainings to support and services organizations on various aspects of recording product. 
  • Produced gap analysis between Witness and Verint recording products to drive merger of products after company merger. 
  • Expanded use of Alarming service from recorder team to use by 5 additional teams by leading 2 developers and coordinating with 1 other team. 
  • Delivered demonstration of new install kit feature to product management. 
  • Integrated 3 direct reports relocated from India to US based team and managed their performance as well as relocation and immigration related activities. 
  • Achieved 99.99% recording success rate at customer site with up 100k calls/day and 20k agent seats recorded.  

Jan 2006 to Jan 2007

Systems Architect, Product Engineering, Verint Systems 

Transform product requirements document into software architecture and high-level design for implementation by offshore junior engineers.    Coordinate development and testing of onshore and offshore development teams.  Coordinate support activities between installation, customer support, and development teams.   

  • Led training of external partners in Asia and received feedback as the best training the group had to date. 
  • Created baseline content streaming component for recording system, complete with unit tests.  Mentored junior developer through the completion of component. 
  • Prototyped, designed, and developed workflow management subsystem for multithreaded recorder in C++ and PostgreSQL. 
  • Created 5 patent applications for systems and methods related to recording, security, and alarming. 
  • Designed API for voice recorder to interact with British Telecom IP trading switch in C++. 
  • Reduced ticket backlog of support organization by working alongside support personnel and coordinating remote engineering resources to resolve customer issues. 
  • Designed and implement REST based replay service for recordings in C++. 
  • Implemented SOAP based configuration interface for Recorder using Gsoap/C/C++. 

Jan 2002 to Jan 2006

Team Lead, Product Engineering, Witness Systems 

Lead team of up to 5 developers creating workforce optimization software.  Produce and review requirements, architecture, and design documentation.  Train customer support and services organization in the installation and use of software.  Coordinate support activities between installation, customer support, and development teams. 

  • Trained group of 15 external partners in Asia and received feedback as the best training the group had to date. 
  • Implemented automated unit testing into existing multithreaded C++ recording service.  
  • Created architecture for recorder product roadmap which combined overlapping components after merger of 2 companies. 
  • Mentored offshore team of up to 25 developers and testers. 
  • Interviewed 10 candidates for different positions in the company. 
  • Created unit test framework for CTI integration subsystem.  
  • Created project plans and coordinated development efforts of 5 onshore team members.  
  • Improved maintainability of C++ multithreaded CTI processing component by refactoring and introducing automated unit tests. 

June 1999 to Jan 2002

Application Engineer, Product Engineering, Witness Systems

Produce and review design documentation and source code for workforce optimization software.   

  • Created data analytics engine and client in C++ and Delphi. 
  • Created multithreaded C++ service with XML messaging to manage employee evaluation forms. 
  • Created C++ based COM objects to integrated Java applet client with C++ back-end services. 
  • Developed and maintained C++ CTI processing and voice recording service. 
  • Rewrite of Business Rule client, engine, creating of JScript from GUI rule. 
  • Created Wapi api for C++ server components. 
  • Increased stability and performance of real-time call recording server through performance testing, analysis, and instrumentation.  Removed redundant database calls. 
  • Designed and implemented DCOM remote clients and services.